the chosen

i just scrounged up 78 photos to print. From high school livejournal days all the way to the present.

For those of you far from my box (hehe my box) you can check out what I decdided upon by lokonig at this link . if you don’t see your favorite, send it along!


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Ephemera Epiphany

i’ve been inspiresd by etsy this morning and learned that my love for old things is really my love for Ephemera, which as wikipedia calls it  “transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved”

this is an example of what i’m thinking of. vintage papers, books, photographs, etc that I have been oogling over ever since I can remember going to estate sales with my mother. I’d sit on the floor among the boxes of papers piled in the corner looking through old school assigments, scapbooks and handwritten recipies. stuff that non one ever thought of as important but for some reason or another ended up piled in attics just waiting for curious eyes like mine to get their hands on them.

i’m going to start my own ephemera, which is a bit hard in this digtial age where most things aren’t printed.i hate photo albums, too ridig and organized so i had an ephemera epiphiny and decided to start my own box. a box of photos and papers that anyone can dig thier hands into and see what comes out. they will all be dated, this names and such for prosperity but it will provide a fun experience of discovery and novelty. In order to build up the box and add to some of the fun myself I’m going to ask friends to print out some of thier photos too add to the collection.

hope you’ll play along!

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i didn’t meant to stop writing i swear.
it just happened and now that i’m spending lots of time at this computer looking for ways to pass the last hour of work ( in which i’ve designated as “cool down” time even though i’m not working all that hard especially not enough for a cool down)

so i think i’ll make 4:23 the new blog time. just a little moment to collect some thoughts.
todays thought? why did we all forget matt’s birthday?
yes all the exclusives are far away and moving on, but we are usually so on top of our game. i meant to spend time thinking of a witty facebook post. something abou asbestos or becoming a jew but it totally slipped my mind. the same way i forgot daf’s birthday two years in a row. and my dad’s birthday this year. for a gal who enjoys birthdays so much its a total shame.

there have been some birthdays going around in the office. and i realised i’m of the camp where one has to make thier own party, make thier own birthday special because if you rely on someone else you’ll be sorely dissapointed. is that why i refuse to remember birthdays? as if I can’t be bothered if people don’t have a dog and pony show? (what…) i sure hope not. because everyone deserves attention sometimes. especially people i like the most. like matt. and dafna. and sometimes my dad.

so happy belated birthday to everyone. i’m thinking of you at this very moment.

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youth will not be wasted on this youth

“Youth is wasted on the young.”

The famous George Bernard Shaw’s saying has been floating around in the swimming pool of my mind for weeks now, like Dustin Hoffman in the graduate laying face up closed off from the impending doom of adulthood that faced his college graduation.

It’s how I’ve been spending my Saturdays; face up to the sun in the swimming pool contemplating how my life imitates art and that I have to do something about it and quick. The most efficient way I’ve learned to appreciate my youth is to spend time with people ten years my elder. Meeting people, then slowly leaking out pieces of information, context clues until finally the question “Wait, how old are you?”, is answered “Twenty-one…” while batting my eyelashes and a toothy grin. The responses vary but most likely are encouraging and include a short piece of life advice.

I didn’t know I was into older guys until Steamy. I remember running home from the gym that night in a frenzy of excitement and exhilaration to tell the story, and how dumbstruck I felt staring at his birth date on my computer screen. The age of information is dangerous sometimes. I remember sitting in my dorm room, squealing up the stairs to Rachel with questions about my intentions and his intentions and how I could go about engaging in something like that. Little did I know it would be formative learning experiences. He laughed the other day when I admitted that I considered him one of my role models.

I’m certain there will be a backlash. That people will resent me for my youth and find me naieve and waste of time. What can anyone learn from me when I’m limited on life experience? But that just encourages me to work harder. To not let my youth be wasted on planning for the future. The future will happen whether I plan it or not so I may as well take advantage of the most self oriented time in my life to pursue my own happiness. As of right now? It’s sex, Jenny Lewis and hand written letters. Tomorrow? I’ll keep you posted.

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New favorite thing on the internet?

Dr. Horrible;s Sing-Along Blog.

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the band wagon

i’ve been a bit out of touch here because i’ve been very much in touch with real life. my dear friends ben rachel steve and noah came to pay me a visit in this new town of mine. and i had a deliriously delightful time. they arrived just after i had finished up with the conference (which went very well) and i was immediately thankful that i had the type of friends who don’t get ansy sitting around the television. because as much as i am enjoying myself in jackson, it’s not exactly a tourist destination. and that didn’t stop me for thinking that i was the main attraction.

all i wanted to do was take advantage of rachel’s keen tjmaxx eye. we bought the same dress. it was magical like the traveling pants. i think we look like the creepy twins in the shining. no one looked.

we got out of the house eventually during a degrassi break. we slapped on our swimsuits, got some snacks, and spent some time at the pool. rachel had trouble with the inflatables this weekend. not only did she find a gaping hole in her air mattress, but within 45 seconds of riding on this raft she managed to deflate it.

the best that downtown jackson has to offer in terms of entertainment. there was also a large jar of pickles, rachel’s lost essentials, george carlin, fried chicken, full beds and full hearts. i was sad to see them go, but i was left with a cactus and a noah to keep me company.

i dragged my loyal companion noah around with me for another week. to the pool with chaz, to kareoke, to pub quiz. this is us at a lovely 4th of july picnic at a restored home from before the civil war. there was a lovely band there that played not only fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly but i love paris! i danced around. noah was a good sport. and he made me a picnic lunch with a lot of sweet potatoes in honor of the rachels.

amanda and i wore our garden party dresses. old men with big cameras thought she was a better dancer than noah. i kind of agree. don’t tell noah.

there were lots of children. noah said it was the most civilized 4th of july event he had ever attended. i agree.

but the 4th wouldn’t be the 4th without hot dogs. and beer. lots of beer. and what better place to enjoy them? the great outdoors! so we went camping.

noah and i went on a stroll on the Natchez Trace, the oldest/historic/preserved trade route? something old and cool and outdoors that he may or may not have appreciated more than i did.

you can’t tell all that well, but megan and i are underneath a waterfall! !!!.. !

this was a church is part of the Rocky Springs ghost town. it had a creepy recording. “you there.. on the hill.. church of god.. youre people have left you, but they are buried close”

kemper made kebobs. kebabs? i adore the beer cozy.

here amanda and dan are miming “beer and hot dog overload”

this was our interpretation.

josh and megan made a kick ass fire. thank goodness we stopped at the side of the road to pick up that prime firewood. unfourtunatly we ran out of kindling pretty quickly. when the boys went off the graveyard she shouted “if you don’t come back with log you are all dead to me!”

we sat around the fire and sang songs. i may or may not have prompted the game with the word and the songs that have the word in it. my favorite was winter wonderland because i always appreciate a good christmas carol. josh wouldn’t let us go to sleep until we had finished all the beer. i wouldn’t go to sleep until we sang debbie friedman.

so overall it has been a totally tubular few weeks with friends of silver and gold. but it certainly feels good to have this big bed all to myself to type away to some of you.

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for the love of gchat

one glorious thing that no one ever told me about the work force: gchat

i can remember the first time i downloaded AOL Instant Messenger. (aim.. does AOL even exist anymore? is this the only antiquated program that is left?) it was in the seventh grade and since i was at the height of my x-files fascination i was using the screen name AgentRSj. I remember sitting at my desktop(!) computer perched on a chair gitty over the fact that i was chatting with the abe paley about the new barenaked ladies album stunt. i hit the ground running and spent countless nights honing my typing skills, learning how to be passive aggressive and  wiping the tears off my keyboard. as time went on I used it mostly to find out if pfeff was awake on a saturday morning.

but now that i have found myself perched at the chair at my cubicle, i’ve discovered that while all my friends and colleagues are “checking thier e-mail” they are secretly chatting! the days of AIM are long gone and have been replaced by our more adult “first name.last name” screenames. it’s been a brilliant discovery that dafna and i have taken full advantage of. every morning we sign on and keep each other company throughout the day. it usually ends up with me giggling aloud and getting some weird looks around the office. a few days ago we discovered the “off the record feature” then quickly discovered what it meant to be on the record and reveled in the days of “deadaim” when we had to download a program to save our priceless adam king conversations. but saving those conversations could be dangerous. i delete mine everyday. too many sneakrets.

and just when i start to feel a little far away, i find myself in a group chat with daf, leah matt and leslie making fun of each others online personas. who really says lol gchat. bringing us that much closer to keeping in touch and that much farther from getting any actual work done. i dig it.


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